Microsoft Edge UserVoice

Welcome to the Microsoft Edge Enterprise and Developer feedback site!

This is the best place to share your developer and enterprise platform capability requests and general ideas for improving Microsoft Edge for developers and enterprises.

If you just want to share feedback about the browser that is not developer or enterprise focused please use the “Send Feedback” tool located in the browser toolbar. Other feedback will be closed without action.

For other support, please visit the Microsoft Edge Support site or tweet us at @MSEdgeDev.

I already submitted bugs via “Send Feedback,” what’s the difference?

Whether you’ve submitted feedback on UserVoice or the in-browser feedback mechanism, we hear you! If you’ve already submitted a “Send Feedback” ticket through the browser, you don’t need to take any further action.

UserVoice provides a public view into what has already been submitted, and allows upvotes and comments from the rest of the community. It also allows you to share or upvote feedback (for example, requesting support for new web standards) even if you haven’t downloaded Microsoft Edge.